Very Picky Eaters May Actually Have an Eating Disorder

Dec 11, 2010 by

It is not uncommon for adults to be picky eaters. There are many men or women who prefer their food not to touch while on the plate, opt to only eat fruit and not vegetables or simply reject anything that comes from a cow. For years we have considered this picky eating to just be a preference; but what if it is something more substantial?
A recent Fox News report suggests that this picky eating may be something much more complicated, an eating disorder. For one individual featured in this report, a dream diet of peanut butter, crackers, grilled cheese and chocolate milk seems like it should belong to a four-year-old. Instead, this is the diet of a 63-year-old man.
Researchers believe that this preferred diet may actually be what is now identified as a selective eating disorder. Individuals who fall under this description don’t have just a few foods they like to avoid like most of the population. Instead, these individuals are only capable of eating a few foods.
Also referred to as very picky eating, individuals with this disorder are not just being stubborn, according to Duke University researchers. These individuals actually experience food differently than the rest of the population. This makes social interactions, career choices and even relationships much more difficult to handle.
Research on selective eating disorders suggests that this condition is separate and distinct from other disorders. Additional studies have to be completed to fully understand the disorder and know if it is in a person’s biology or psychology. One thing is for sure, Duke University has noticed the problem is more prevalent than originally assumed, generating demand for further research.